Each student has different needs when it comes to developing English language skills. To meet these needs, Kansai International Academy has developed an English curriculum that integrates English Language Arts (ELA) and English as a Second Language (ESL). Homeroom teachers and full-time ESL teachers work as a team to teach the basic language structures necessary for English language development, including phonics, spelling, reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, and fluency development. In addition, once a week, one ESL teacher is assigned to each group of four students to provide individualized pronunciation instruction and encourage confidence in speaking by creating more opportunities to speak in small groups.

Kansai International Academy has developed a unique ELA/ESL curriculum that combines the English learning guidelines of the IB PYP with the ESL curriculum supervised by Cambridge University. This unique English curriculum is designed not only to help students learn English, but also to help them master the language in relation to other areas of study in English. In particular, it helps students to expand their vocabulary and language skills necessary for inquiry learning, allowing them to delve deeper into concepts and enrich their overall learning. The program is designed to help the students acquire the vocabulary and language skills necessary for inquiry learning.

English Proficiency Test

The Elementary School has adopted the Cambridge Exam as a means of improving the English curriculum and assessing each student’s English ability.

In addition to the Cambridge Exam, which is required for all students, we also have an optional TOEFL Junior and TOEFL Primary Step 2 on campus.

CambridgeEvery StudentsFeb.Require
TOEFL Primary Step 2 G1-3Jul. / Jan.Any
TOEFL JuniorG4-6Jul. / Jan.Any

English Events

  • Recitation Olympic
  • Speech Contest
  • Musical Production
  • Spelling Bee
  • Study Abroad in New Zealand
  • Summer School

Speech Contest

The speech contest is held every year for G4 students and above. They create a presentation based on a theme and give a TED Talk style presentation in front of their friends and parents. In the past, the students have participated in the speech contests with themes such as creativity, leadership, empathy, respect, honesty, and confidence. They write their speeches, proofread each other’s, prepare and practice their presentations, and then present them in the black box theatre.

The experience of the speech contest will not only improve the students’ presentation making skills and English speaking skills, but also help them improve their writing skills, use ICT skills in their presentations and most importantly, build their confidence.