Design and technology is designed to provide middle and high school student’s essential and enduring 21st Century skills. It is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program that uses languages, technologies, sciences, engineering and the arts to understand, communicate, and design. Students will be exposed to programming, robotics, textile manufacturing, video editing, graphic design, wood work and more.

Students will be go through the MYP design cycle in order to appreciate design, understand how to design and apply these skills to create an end product. Students will be aware of product functions, aesthetics, design in society, cultural and technological influences on design. While designing, students will practise basic strategies and skills in research, analysis, ideation and development, evaluation and design communication. Through making their design, students also learn to use materials prudently and develop the habit of effective and efficient work processes in a safe manner.

Design Fair

Up to now, the big end of the year event in junior high school was the Robotics fair. It has been a wonderful event where the students have had the chance to showcase their design and robot to the public. This is a great way for them to develop connections and maybe even apply for a scholarship to some prestigious robotics institutions around the world. The students are expected to design and build their own robots to solve a problem they care about.
Our ambition is to move from a robotics fair to a Design fair so the students can explore their passion and innovates in a variety of fields: robotics, furniture, graphic design, clothes design, board games and more.