For non-native students of English to succeed and feel comfortable in a global environment, they need to develop both an ability to comprehend and use the language itself, as well as familiarity with the conventions, traditions, historical trends, and concepts of English-language Literary and Verbal Arts. We aim for our students to expand their knowledge through literary works. The students will deepen their comprehension skills and develop their ability to make connections with other subjects and the world. They will be encouraged to approach each topic from different perspectives and to develop their critical thinking skills.

The Kansai International Academy Junior High ELA program follows this integrated, holistic two-fold approach to prepare middle years learners for the rigors and pleasures of higher level linguistic and literary study. Students will be challenged to form and enhance their abilities as listeners, speakers, readers and writers of English in a variety of contexts. They will also be guided in developing and improving critical and textual literacy skills, familiarity with English literary and verbal arts conventions, an appreciation for logical, organizational, and aesthetic features of the English language, their own ability to imagine, organize, find insight, and self-express in a variety of contexts in English, and an introductory awareness of the history of and influential works from the English literary tradition.

In practice, this means that lessons will focus on language acquisition (through study of grammar, spelling, pronunciation, phonetics, and other linguistic mechanics, together with communication- and usage-focused activities such as roleplay, discussion, games, etc.) and on engaging, enjoying, analyzing, and dissecting the literary and verbal traditions of the English language and using techniques and conventions learned to produce original creative works.

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