From Bilingual to Multilingual! The aim for learning French is not only multilingualism, but to understand French and francophone culture, traditions and to become a cultured international citizen. Learning useful French through real-life experience The use of French texts that are in accordance with the EU standard French curriculum are the first steps to learning French. During class, junior high school students set themselves in real-life situations and role-play what they imagine they would do in that situation and are able to practice the materials they have learned in an interactive way. While learning level- appropriate vocabulary and grammar, digital materials are used and reading and writing skills are refined. Cultural knowledge is heightened with the understanding of French and francophone culture.

DELF (DELF French Qualification Test)

The French Ministry of National Education’s only formally recognized French qualification (diplôme) is a life-long qualification if obtained. The test can be taken at any age and can open the path of admission to French universities. The 6 levels range from A1 to C2. The junior high school focuses on the first level, A1.

DELF A1  Beginner French, level at which only a little French can be spoken
DELF A2  Level at which simple communication can be achieved
DELF B1  Level at which French can be spoken with no major problems
DELF B2  Level at which communication at work or in high school can be
DELF C1  Skills required for admission to university in all majors
DELF C2  Skills considered as a native speaker