Horseback riding class is a compulsory course for 7th grade, and is elective after 8th grade. We use school bus to horseback riding school for the lessons every week. Horseback riding course, is not just about riding and learning riding techniques. Taking care of horses, cleaning the stables, managing tools allows students to understand horses better, and enhance communication in between horses. Communicating through a warm heart, is essential in building up trust relationship. Through horseback riding course, students will build up physical performance, foster sensitivity and emotion, deepen liberal arts and enrichen mind. Students can challenge on achieving official certificate and participate on competitions accordingly to the level of techniques.

Quadrille is a choreographed dressage ride, commonly performed to music, with more than 4 horses. Not only with the horse, but it is essential to synchronise with teammates. Last year, in addition to usual lessons, students took extra lessons for quadrille in the end of the semester.

Qualification Review
Students can challenge on receiving official qualification review certified by National Riding Club Association of Japan. Students can take the test suitable to their technique level. The challenge allows the students to set their goals by understanding their own technique level (nationally unified). Not only skill test, but the qualification exam asks about horses in general including tools and taking care of horses.