Kansai International Academy is a school that provides multilingual education. English and French are compulsory and we provide optional classes such as Chinese. The global society that gets pointed out a lot, English is of course, but from the view of practical use and culture, multilingual human resources will be demanded.

However, the acquisition of a second and third language gets consisted for the first time when Japanese, native language, is acquired enough. That is not as simple as just learning Japanese, however, it means to acquire liberal education such as Japanese history, culture, politics, economics, and so on.

In our middle and high school, we nourish students with total Japanese skills that will be the base for all studies and to learn skills, and ability that meets the level for high-level universities in and out of Japan, but we also put emphasis on the abilities for understanding things and making accurate decisions, thinking logically and expressing those, and creativity that would be needed for the leaders that would have an impact on global society. Not just acquiring a wide range of knowledge and culture through literary works, but we aim to establish an identity as a Japanese by searching the backgrounds of the authors, their historical context, and the view of humans in that age.