Mathematics is said as common language in the world, and it is being used not just in the natural sciences but also in social sciences and in humanities as well. The ability in mathematics that has been developed in middle and high school will become a strength for students no matter which country or university they go to.

Not just the acquisition of knowledge and skills, but we aim to cultivate logical, critical, and creative thoughts, the ability of abstraction and generalization, and patience and toughness in solving problems at our mathematics classes. We also aim to have our students to understand how did the skills in mathematics, and other fields and techniques affected each other, understanding the international aspect of mathematics through the universality of mathematics and its multicultural element and historical view.

The progress of classes is planned to finish the middle school curriculum that is set in the ministry’s curriculum guideline in the first two years of middle school, then start curriculum for high school from 9th grade. Academic careers of students after graduating high school is diverse in and out of Japan, and there is one year of studying abroad from September in 9th grade. Our curriculum has wide view such as studying mathematics that meets the level of Japanese medical and public universities as well as developing the ability of universal mathematics, and also to prepare for the IBDP course and entering universities overseas.