Our science program is inquiry based curriculum and covers the MEXT standards within the IB framework. Students engage in short and long term projects in the areas of Chemistry, Biology and Physics throughout the year. At KIA, we want our students to see science as a way to discovery rather than a set of facts and natural laws. Our students take part in active experimentation and research as well as various presentation forums where they communicate their research findings.

We aim for our students to think about the way in which scientists work, collaborate and communicate the results of their research. In order to achieve this goal, our students will learn a body of scientific knowledge, methods and experimental scientific skills. The students will learn to analyse, evaluate and synthesise scientific information. They will approach science in a transdisciplinary manner and we aim to raise their awareness of the moral/ethical, social, economic and environmental implications of using science and technology.

We aim to strengthen our students’ English language ability across the subjects.Therefore, they will learn how to access, use and communicate scientific knowledge and information accurately and confidently in oral, written and visual modes. All science classes take place in laboratory settings and are designed to take full advantage of the opportunities this provides. The knowledge built in the laboratory is extended outside the classroom through various field trips.